Hugh “Frank” Skelton

Atlanta Graphic Artist Frank Skelton

NOV 23, 1940 – March 31, 1990

Frank Skelton Obituary

Ralph and Josephine Tomberllo Skelton

Josephine Skelton was born about 1917. In 1940, she was 23 years old and lived in Jefferson, Alabama.

Young Frank Skelton

Lucy Mame set ? “A desperate Mame takes a job in a department store”

Frank Skelton -Portrait By Lianne

Frank Skelton Portrait By Lianne Back

Diagram of Bear proportions “Da Vinci Bear”

“Da Vinci Bear” as seen on the Today Show

Blue Bear

Bill Hicky

Ginny Parker “Prickly Pear”

Don Tucker, Denis Bell

Clay Newton

Bear With Me Incorporated

Shelby A. Outlaw

Jack D. Melton Regenstein’s clothing store on Peachtree

Plantagenet Sumerset-Fry

Algonquin Hotel in New York.